mickey hess

professor and author

“Let it be known that Mickey Hess knows how to tell a story that is, at once, witty, charming, humorous, and darkly incisive, and he knows how to tell that story damn well. In The Nostalgia Echo, Hess deftly offers an antidote to the modern condition and the impossible notion that we must always keep moving forward. As you laugh, reading Hess’s stylish prose, you may well find you also have tears at the corners of your eyes because this book also has all kinds of heart.”
— Roxane Gay

"Hilarious, profound, entertaining, and inspiring . . . One of the most interesting and unpredictable biographies I’ve ever read. The Dirty Version travels light-years beyond ODB’s shocking headlines to illustrate the relentless humanity of a free loving American icon." —MK Asante, author of BUCK: A MEMOIR